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Innovation, Diversity, Professionalism, Quality, Service

WETRUST was established in 2013
It is a company that spans the fields of technology and biotechnology

Our team background comes from the R&D talents of chips, modules, semiconductors and nutritional health food

Innovation and diversity are our strengths

Service is our basic attitude

Quality is the insistence of stable customers

  Since its establishment in 2013, WETRUST has not only engaged in electronic trade, APP software design, but also expanded into the field of medical and health food.

  The WETRUST Biotechnology Business Group has spent three years researching health food products and founded the brand "Yuanqi Ogenki". In addition to Taiwan, Yuanqi has also been promoted to overseas markets such as China and South Korea.

  2022~2023 is the starting year for WETRUST to take off in multiple directions. Not only the existing business group, but also the operation has expanded to the semiconductor industry and lens module design and foundry.

  In recent years, the awareness of green energy, energy saving and carbon reduction has been on the rise. WETRUST keeps pace with the times and expands the product category in the electronic trade part to the third type of semiconductor (GaN/SiC) processing and manufacturing related raw materials business and agency.

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